Notification by Admin

This module enables an admin to be able to send notifications to the agents on the field. To send a Notification, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate the Notification by Admin module


Fig.1 - Showing Notifications module


2. Select New Notification highlighted in Fig. 1 above

Fig. 2 - Showing options to send a new notification


3. Fill out the form for the single notification option


Fig. 3 - Showing the form for a single New notification


Bulk Notification

4. Select Bulk Notification as shown in Fig. 2 above.

The options to download the bulk template is displayed. The admin is able to download either of “User template” or “device template”

The “user template” can be used when sending notifications to dealers while the “device template” is used when sending notifications to the agents.


Fig. 4 - Showing the bulk notification options


5. Fill out the Bulk user notification template

Fig. 5 - showing the fields for Bulk user Notification


6. Fill out the Bulk device notification template

Fig. 6 - showing the fields for bulk device notification

Once the preferred template is filled out, select the “Upload” button shown in Fig. 4 above to send the notifications to designated recipients.