Manage Branches

Branches are shops or offices where an organization has operations. An admin can add as many branches as possible depending on their business needs.

To add a branch, follow these steps;


  1. Navigate to “Manage Branches” and select “Add Branch”

From here the user can see a list of outlets they have added and be able to add a outlet.


Fig. 1 - View the list of available branches


2. Select “Add branch”

The user is able to create either a single outlet or multiple branches with the bulk template.


Fig. 2 - Select the “Add branch” option


3. Fill out the fields of the form


Fig. 3 - Fill out the form

Bulk Branch Creation

To create multiple branches using the bulk branch creation form, follow these steps.

4. Download the Bulk template by selecting “Download template”.


Fig. 4 - Download the template


5. Fill out the template

Fig. 5 - Fill out the columns


6. Select the “Upload” link and attach the file


Fig. 6 - Upload bulk template


7. Bulk branch upload result

Once the template is uploaded, the result is downloaded and the user can view the outlets that were successfully created.

Fig. 7 - branch result